WeiWeiAn Unisex Top

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Qipao/cheongsam originated in 1920s Shanghai but is believed that the style goes way back with the Manchus. The WeiWeiAn Unisex Top of our Manchu Collection feature unique curved contrast pattern with handmade Chinese knot buttons! You can now match with loved ones!



☆ All materials used are preloved garments!

☆ To ensure your unique pieces could live as long as possible, it is highly recommended that you follow our general care!

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Fabric Selection

Leftover fabrics will be rotated/mixed into a new combination for other designs and to be used fully until its very last bit!

Size Chart

Measurements are all in centimeter (cm)

Shoulder: 37-41

Chest: 85-90

Waist: 75-82

Arm: 29-34


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