Story of Upsygals

  Upsygals, pronounced like “up-cycles”, blend of Upcycle Psychedelic Gals

We believe giving preloved clothes new life can help heal
Mother Earth and bring meaning, value and joy to everyday life.

We craft new designs spontaneously and creatively,
keeping our mind and art fresh, making sure every piece is made
with love and happiness.
Our art can go from wild & cute, vintage & crazy, organic & sexy,
or just a fun blend of all, but one thing for sure,
it will be unique.

     Every piece of art will be one and only,
but leftover fabrics from each piece will surely be used to its fullest on other arts keeping as much waste away from landfills as possible.

   The founders/ designers/ photographer/ crafters
are both female Malaysians.
Xinyi, a fashion design graduate from RMIT Melbourne,
and her best friend since 13, QianKu, a vegan scuba instructor
who needed a creative outlet for her energy,
both understands that shopping at thrift stores can be stressful from
the smell and dust, plus most garments are either outdated or ill-fitted.
So together we decided to start up Upsygals at the beginning of year 2020
to help preloved garments find new home and heal Mother Earth.
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